Monday, March 12, 2007

Lucy of Washington US

Lucy of Egypt

Lucy of Egypt

Dina of Egypt

Amar Gamal

American based dancer Amar Gamal

Khariya Maazin of Egypt

Khariya Maazin, of the Maazin sisters - a famous Ghawazee family of performers, zeffa at the Mena House, Cairo, Egypt, June 2006.

Notice the man performing "Tannoura" or whirling.

Souhair Zaki of Egypt

Famous for becoming the music made visible - the most musical of all dancers, and perhaps the most highly regarded by Egyptians. Souhair is famous for her classy performances and her deeply felt emotional inerpretations of the music. She is a dancer's dancer - very sutble - you don't realise the difficulty of her steps until you have danced for a while. She was the first dancer to ever use Um Kalthoum's music. She is famous for being able to reduce her audience to tears of joy and ecstasy or "tarab".

An interesting article by Meissoun

More on Sohair Zaki

Another wonderrful Souhair clip Don't miss this one!

In this clip Souhair performs her signature step - single down drops alternating left and right. Sublime.

More signature steps in this one: