Sunday, March 06, 2011

Homework Saturday 5 March

This week we worked more deeply in taqsim interpretation and sekkat and Q& A interpretation.
We worked extensively on shimmies and accents.
We did some core strength work and some hip stabilization work.

• Arm paths
• Abdominal locks and pops & Belly rolls
• Figure 8 – horizontal, vertical and maya
• Upper body slides
• Shoulder rolls
• Hip slides
• Hip circles and semicircles
• Shoulder shimmy
• Shimmy
• Hip lift, hip drop
• Side hip locks
• Up and down hip locks
• Hip with kick
• Chest locks, lifts and drops

• Calf stretch sequence
• Quadriceps stretch
• Pirifomis stretch
• IT band stretch

Advanced dancers:
• Hip up and in oblique lock
• Hip down lock
• The three different abdominal locks and pops - lower, navel and upper.
• Modern egyptian hip shimmy with chest accents up and down.
• Modern egyptian hip shimmy with belly roll