Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hiba of Canada


Eshta Dance Company


Raqs Baladna Saidi

Jillina and Issam - Drum and Oud Solo


Rahana in her solo performance of the 2005 production, Yalla Habibi. passion in the dance.
Rahana is dancing to a beautiful song named Hak el Layali (Those Nights) from Najwa Karam's 2003 album Saharni.

See her website: Rahana

Nagwa Fouad - Princess of Cairo

Dina of Egypt

Friday, March 23, 2007

Souhair Zaki of Egypt

From the film "The Beauty and the Scoundrel" - 1976

Aziza - Tamra Henna

Aziza - So you Want to Be a Belly Dancer?

Aziza Sawah

Dancing to Abdel Halim Zafez "Ya salam (tayer ya hamam)".

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Iranian dancer Mohammad Khordadian... Modern Persian dance

Rachel Brice

Check out Rachel's website: Rachel Brice

Underbelly - Melbourne, Australia

Queenscliff Music Festival

Check out their website:

Underbelly Dance

Ghawazi Caravan Tribal Style Belly Dance

Promo clips of Ghawazi Caravan, Australian tribal-style belly dancers. The song is 'Mystery' by Gypsy Caravan.

Check out their website: Ghawazi Caravan


Promo clip for Australian dancers - Desert Jewels