Saturday, February 12, 2011

Music for Saturday Baladi Class

Music we are using in class:

Taxim Beledi (Improvisation) Yousry Sharif - Wash Ya Wash Vol 1 - This is the piece of music that we will look at in depth. Unfortunately the CD has been recently removed from itunes. It is available in mp3 format from Maqam - Wash Ya Wash Vol 1 (Track 10)
I highly recommend this whole album! One of the most useful ones you will buy.

Baladi Taxsim - Yousry Sharif - Wash Ya Wash Vol 3 (Track 4) Also from Maqam. Another great Album.

Sax Taxim (Saxophone Solo) - Baladi Blues- Guy Schalom

Miasia's Beladi - Dancing With Genies- Henkesh Brothers.
I highly recommend this whole album!

Move Your Belly - Electric Oasis- Louie

Maqsoum - Basic - Rhythms and Thoughts - Scott Gardner

Maqsoum Sareea - Pulse of the Sphinx - Henkesh Brothers

Maqsoum Qaid - Pulse of the Sphinx - Henkesh Brothers

Souher Zaki Fi Balady - Cairo Plus- Samir Srour

Accordion Balady - Belly Dance Classics With Fifi Abdo- Cairo Orchestra

Saturday Dance Class 13 Feb 2011 Homework

Yesterday I was privileged to start a new term of dance classes with a very talented group of women - some new dancers, some returning students and some old troupe mates. I had a blast teaching them - a class full of people who rhythm and have an intuitive understanding of the music is a rare and beautiful thing.

Homework for this week:

• Listen to music.

• Watch taqsim and baladi clips on blog.

• Posture: Practice your posture all through your daily activities. Take moments out to see how tall you can become. Think about lifting your ribcage with a each inhale and pulling in your core with each exhale, keeping your shoulders relaxed. Think about what direction your pelvic triangle points, and use your deep, low abdominal muscles to adjust your pelvic alignment when you walk, stand or dance to shoot for a neutral alignment. Be aware of how this may differ from how you normally align.

• Shoulder rolls

• Hip slides

• Hip circles - Remember to keep the abs engaged throughout the movement. Using the glutes to push through to the front and the abs to pull back.

• Shoulder shimmy

• Hip hits

• Stomach pop

• Shimmy drills
For example:

Advanced students only:

• Belly rolls.

• Layered shimmies.

• 3/4 shimmies on the up.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011