Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ranya Renee - Taqasim Improvisation Skills and Drills - Now Shipping

I'm so excited!!! Ranya Renee's LONG awaited taqsim DVD is now shipping. I am really looking forward to this one! Her Baladi DVD is one of my all time favourite technique DVDs.

Ranya's shop

Strength work for dancers

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Homework Saturday 27 February

This week we worked more deeply in taqsim interpretation and sekkat and Q& A interpretation.
We worked extensively on shimmies and accents.
We did some core strength work and some hip stabilization work.

• Circles and semicircles
• Arm paths
• Belly rolls
• Figure 8 – horizontal, vertical and maya
• Upper body
• Chest and ribcage movements Shoulder rolls
• Hip slides
• Hip circles
• Shoulder shimmy
• Shimmy
• Hip lift, hip drop
• Side hip locks
• Up and down hip locks
• Abdominal pops and locks
• Hip with kick
• Chest locks
• Shoulder accents
• Floor accents

• Calf stretch sequence
• Quadriceps stretch
• Pirifomis stretch
• IT band stretch

Advanced dancers:
• Hip up and in oblique lock
• The three different abdominal locks and pops - lower, navel and upper.
• Modern egyptian hip shimmy with chest accents up and down.