Sunday, March 23, 2008

Road Blog Ahead

I thought that I would just take a minute to feature one of my favourite blogs:
Road Blog Ahead

Lena and Joy are originally from Oakland/Bay Area, they now live in Rewalsar, India and run the Tso Pema Medical Emergency Fund. At the moment they have $340 US dollars out of the $10,000 they are aiming for. They are expecting an influx of Tibetan refugees - it is going to be a VERY tough year.

"During our time here, we have started an emergency fund and free medical clinic to provide help to Tibetan refugees. Most of the people we see are monks and nuns, the very elderly and the children. Most of them have walked out of occupied Tibet to be free to practice according to their tradition and culture. Almost all of those who actually make it out (we lose hundreds every year. This year’s count is 300+ missing somewhere in the Himalayas) are malnourished, sick and badly traumatized by the time they get here. In our makeshift clinic we see nuns and teenaged girls who have been raped and beaten by Chinese soldiers. This is… commonplace. We see groups of little kids who walked out through the snow mountains without their parents and old people who saw their children die. We see monks who were once strong and sure who were captured, beaten and tortured until they are emaciated and frail and flinching. They come here and they try to make a life for themselves."

Please read their blog! If you can, please donate.

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