Friday, April 24, 2009

Ballet for Bellydance

I was lucky enough to win a free copy for this new DVD from one of my favorite MED DVD producers, Cheeky Girl Productions.

I was very impressed with this DVD - it is a thoughtful attempt to provide ME dancers with some basic ballet terminology and ballet inspired technique.

This DVD teaches modified ballet techniques aimed at increasing balance, fluidity, strength and grace. The program includes ballet-inspired exercises to condition the body.

The DVD contains a warm up, technique demonstration and glossary of ballet terminology, drills and combinations. Each ballet step is explained, broken down and translated into a bellydance context. Drills of the ballet-inspired technique follow each section for extended practice. Longer combinations showcase the technique elements integrated with other MED moves.

While I wouldn't recommend this to a ethnographic MED or ballet purist, it provides a useful leaning tool for intermediate dancers looking to increase their dance techniques, and to incorporate nice body lines appropriate to modern ME styling.

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