Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Baladi videos for my Saturday Class

Souhair Zaki was famous for her baladi performances. She often used them as the second number in her set after the mergence or entrance.
Souhair Zaki dances to Hassan Ya Khouli

Souhair dances a baladi taqsim (c 1::20 into show).

Taqsim starts about 42 second into the clip:

The very famous song Shik Shak Skok has a taqsim in the middle:

There are a couple of nice articles on baladi by two teachers I have studied with:
Hadia of Canada on Baladi
(I took several long dance and teacher training workshops with Hadia in Canada. Hadia actually become my husband's cousin's main teacher after I introduced her to the dance. )

Hossam Ramzy on Baladi
(When I was a brand new baby dancer I was fortunate enough to take a weekend workshop with Hossam. It was amazing to have the opportunity to dance to such a well known musician. I learned so much from him! My love for Baladi stems from those early days.)

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