Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homework Saturday 14 May

Happy World Bellydance Day!!!

Remember to start your practice session with at least a 5 minute whole body warm up.
Start with walking and traveling steps and then progress to limbering and warming up the major muscle groups from head to toe. Work progressively, starting out slowly and gently and then gradually increasing intensity. When you are warm then you can begin to drill the moves that we worked with this week. Remember to have a 5-10 minute cool down and stretch at the end of your practice session. For maximum progress aim to have 1 -2 30 minute practice sessions a week, but even 15 minutes is beneficial.

Things to practice this week:
[R = right; L= left]

Posture drill

Horizontal Egyptian hip circles - small, large (keep abs and pelvic floor engaged)

Chest circles - small and large

Hip circles

Setanu turn

Omi hip circle - tilting or polynesian/african hip circle (engage pelvic floor, don't crunch into lower back!)

Lotus hands sequence - Draw hands down, offer right (look R), offer left (look LO), cross wrists (start left in front) take up then swap right to front, bring hands down, soften and flatten hands, circle with thumbs (looking right), end with hand in prayer.

Mayas - downward/outward horizontal figure 8 of the hips.

Egyptian figure 8 - inward horizontal figure 8 of the hips.

Snake arms

Camels - basic, traveling camels, flat ball, ball, ball with level change.

DANCER ALERT: Be very mindful when learning undulations and body waves. ALWAYS WARM UP FULLY. Remember to engage your pelvic floor and core/abdominal muscles fully to protect your lower back. Using your core muscles improves the look of the move. Lengthen and elongate the spine. Don't crunch into the lower back. Don't over do it. DON'T work to the point of fatigue. A couple of minutes when you are learning is PLENTY! Allow time to develop your strength and flexibility. Working when fatigued can lead to injury. Remember to stretch fully (while still warm) at the end of your practice session.


Forwards body wave up

Forwards body wave down

Important exercises that help to build strength and flexibility for working with your back:

Pelvic tilts lying on the back.

Bridge pose

Cat cow pose

More advanced moves:


Pilates Roll down

Have a great week!

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