Sunday, May 08, 2011

Saturday 7 May 2011 - Class Homework

Things to practice this week:
[R = right; L= left]
Horizontal Egyptian hip circles - small, large (keep abs and pelvic floor engaged)
Chest circles - small large
Setanu turn
Omi hip circle - tilting or polynesian/african hip circle (engage pelvic floor, don't crunch into lower back!)
Lotus hands sequence - Draw hands down, offer right (look R), offer left (look LO), cross wrists (start left in front) take up then swap right to front, bring hands down, soften and flatten hands, circle with thumbs (looking right), end with hand in prayer.
Mayas - downward/outward horizontal figure 8 of the hips.
Egyptian figure 8 - inward horizontal figure 8 of the hips.
Mahmoud Reda sequence: Cross right over left, cross left over right, weight change R, weight change L, walk in a small personal circle RLRL, walk forward RLR touch L, walk back LRL touch R ending in ready position.
Snake arms
Chasse step

Have a great week!

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